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Project Description

I need a written interview translated from Spanish (Colombian) to English. The questions were asked in English and the answers are in Spanish. The whole things is a total of 3461 words, with 2683 words in Spanish that require translation.

The finished thing is going to be another article in this series: http://www.hiretheworld.com/blog/entrepreneurship/community-spotlight-melissa-scott-jackson-moonflower - so this is what I'm aiming for.

I want to publish this one in both English and Spanish, so before you do the Spanish to English translation, I would like you to copyedit the Spanish version a little bit, just correcting any major grammar problems or spelling errors, so that it's ready for publication - then translate that version.

Don't do too much editing here - I would like the interviewees own personal voice to come out as much as possible, so I would like a fairly literal translation, with a minimum of copy-editing.

I would like this completed by Thursday 16th February, about lunchtime.


I will give you one Microsoft Word document containing the original Spanish version of the interview. You will return to me two documents - the copy-edited Spanish version and the translated English version.

Skills Required

Translation, Spanish, English