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I need some help with pricing research. I'm gathering data on 30 different publications and all of their digital and print price options. I will hire two people to do the research (Person A and Person B) and then compare their work to check for accuracy.

I have an excel sheet set up already and the researcher will have to fill out the data.

Prices to gather for newspapers include:
• Paper copy (weekday)
• Paper copy (Saturday)
• Paper copy (Sunday)
• Paper subscription (7 days)
• Paper subscription (weekender)
• Paper subscription (Sunday only)
• …[And any other variants of paper subscriptions]
• Web membership (annual)
• Web membership (month)
• Web day pass
• Web single article
• Web and Mobile bundle
• Mobile app
• In-app subscription
• Kindle subscription
• …..etc etc etc

The full list of publications is in the excel sheet already. The researcher will need to be fluent in English and be creative and autonomous to describe the prices.

You'll see four worksheets. The first is the list of publications I'd like you to research. The second (HireTheWorld Research) is where I'd like you to collect the data. The last two (EXAMPLE Magazines and EXAMPLE Newspapers) show samples of the research I've already done.

What's going to be tricky is that not all the magazines and newspapers offer the same packages or even the same formats. I'm trying to collect the full range of every version they sell. As a hypothetical example, the Wall Street Journal might sell an iPad app subscription and a digital replica edition, but not a regular online subscription. It's going to require a lot of creativity and flexibility on your part to capture all the different things that are for sale.

Could you do one or two and then show me what you've got? And then I'll give feedback before you continue with the rest?

Need this completed by June 6, 2012


Excel sheet with prices. I have already provided one or two examples in worksheets in the excel document.

Skills Required

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