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I created a WordPress website and installed a theme that I purchased called "Pacifico". ( http://themeforest.net/item/pacifico-fullscreen-wp-theme-with-motion-effect/1486311?WT.ac=search_thumb&WT;.seg_1=search_thumb&WT;.z_author=cmsmasters )

I have since run into some design issues that need fixed. I can supply a guest login to my wordpress site for the qualified canidate to go in and make changes to get the site put together.

Most of the work will be completed by myself with filling in content, but upon setting up my pages and slider galleries playing photos in the background, the navigation menu on the side does not show up automatically anymore with the slider playing. Am I overlooking something or perhaps new code needs to be written in?

Second, And now that I have created more pages, the Menu appears really low on the screen is there a way the that the text for the menu panel can appear further up on the left side. Right now there is a big gap between the top logo and then home menu options to click on. I would like to be able to see these on all monitors. On some computer moniter screens you can not even click on the menu options.

Last I would like them to set up a slide show that is not full screen on the "About" page that can have text on the page as well.


Need navigation menu to appear upon page load

Need menu navigation buttons moved up on the bar closer to the logo so they are visible on different size monitors

Need a slider gallery that is not a full screen gallery installed on the "about" page. along with text.

Skills Required

CSS, PHP, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, Javascript, Blog Programming, Web Design