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You must understand English and you must understand what I need.

I need to have my website that is on Wordpress modified for the registration process. The process as it currently is, is confusing and messy. I contacted a local IT guy but he does not do development. He had a lot of suggestions.

Current website: http://www.familysitter.com

My goal is to have a website with ease of function as http://www.sittercity.com - I do not want a replica, I have a different business model, but the search function, the sitter/family application process are what I want.
My username and password for sittercity are available if you want to see what it looks like “inside”. Just let me know (our membership is free b/c we are a military family so there is no sensitive information in our account)

I want to have the family sign up for
Family Seeking: Sitter, Nanny, Housekeeper (with further options i.e. part-time, full-time, etc….)
Caregiver Seeking: Nanny Position, Sitter Position (etc.)

I would like families that are seeking a sitter for a specific date/time to be able to enter that option and I have the ability to contact all of our sitters in a specific region that are listed as a sitter and available.

I want to offer background checks to families and sitters. I want the families to be able to have on every page a link or button to click on where they can check their sitter using the sitter’s Profile# and the link to pay for it.

I want to offer background checks to sitters to “enhance” their profiles. I want the sitters to be able to see a link on every page to also click so they can add a background check.

I already pay for a background check service and I manually have to run the background checks, which I am okay with. I want to continue to personally do that.

The profiles that are publicly displayed will not give out any identifying information until you login to our system. I do not want email addresses available, I want them to use my system to email eachother.

I like the simplicity of Sittercity and the search functionality of it.

**Then I contacted another design company, but he doesn't seem to be able to work from a developer perspective on the Wordpress platform, but his observations might also help you with your quote:

I’ve had time to look through your current setup in more depth and lay this project out in my head. So you know, I created a user in the system (TestUser11). Based on what I saw I have some comments about your design, the direction we can take and what you can expect in cost and timeline.

First, I can see several places of confusion in your site. It starts with the join area to me, we can take some measure to make this page immediately clear to everyone so they know which option is their best one right off the bat. It is certainly confusing to have the free (and most popular) option down at the bottom and to have this page set up in paragraph form. The actual registration is not horribly confusing but does have room for improvement. When you go to register as a caregiver the process is super simple but I would argue that it’s too simple. If I were registering as a caregiver on this site I would actually feel more comfortable if you wanted to know what city I worked in and included some information about the process of including your information on this site and what all that entails in terms of privacy.

You mentioned a big gap for your caregivers was the process of completing the registration and after setting up a test user I can see why! The profile completion form is foreboding. We would be better off allowing caregivers to build a profile in pieces. We can gather some more information up front as I mentioned to take some weight off of this process and move some of the unrequired pieces such as “how did you hear about is” to a different stage in the registration process. Giving your caregivers smaller bites of this process will make it easier for them to get registered completely.

There are some other areas that could use some cleanup that will certainly get revamped in a new design but I wanted to hit on these topics because they make up the core of how the site works and I wanted to give you my thoughts on them and allow you the opportunity to give any feedback on my thoughts if you see fit.


Simple registration process within the outline above

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