Start Date

Immediately after hiring

Employer Facts

5 stars
No payment method

Project Description

Looking for someone very knowledgeable in HTML, CSS and some slight php to modify an existing WordPress theme using mainly CSS and HTML. The theme will need to be stripped down and a new design implemented using layerd .psd files.

There is a small e-commerce component to this project, however the e-commerce program is a plugin that fits in nicely with the existing theme's css, so not much in the way of customization is expected here. Only three membership based products need to be set up, and some customization in the checkout fields. But no shipping needs to be set up. The e-commerce program will use Paypal as its gateway.


Must be able to read and follow instructions. Not following instructions assumes the job was not done right, and the job won't be paid for. Basically the instructions make it clear that you should not play with the php of the site, and should set things up the way you are instructed...it is very simple, but some people don't seem to know how to read instructions, which is why this is such a pertinent thing to mention here!

Modify an existing WordPress theme using CSS and HTML, from a layered .psd file
-Will need to know how to use WordPress menus and custom CSS fields for WordPress menu items
-Will need to know how to create sprites

Set up WordPress settings according to instructions given.

Set up custom form fields in an existing e-commerce system (instructions will be given) - some basic understanding of programming is helpful here, though the instructions that will be sent will be helpful.

Set up 3 products with no shipping or variations needed using a built in e-commerce system (i.e. this does not require programming skills)

Must be delivered in two weeks, max time. Can't be later.

Skills Required

CSS, PHP, WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, Web Development