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Immediately after hiring

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Less than 1 week

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System Controlled Screen-shots every 10 minutes

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United States
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Project Description

This is a 2003 R2 windows server with IIS installed and Apache is pointed to a local IP address of port 81. From outside the IP address has a static nat to the internal local address. I can confim access to the standard apache web site from the esternal IP.

I think it is a MYSQL issue not letting outside access to the database.

but I have run the following commands in mysql

GRANT ALL ON blog.* TO 'external IP' IDENTIFIED BY 'Spiderman3';

update db set Host='external IP' where Db='blog';
update user set Host='external IP' where user='admin';

server is 64bit

This is a new install, never got it working yet.

Skills Required

WordPress, MySQL, Server Administration, Apache, IIS