Start Date

Immediately after hiring

Employer Facts

United States
5 stars
No payment method

Project Description

I am using a WordPress theme and there are a few changes that I'd like to make. There are some basic fixes (like customizing the colors to match my company's logo) and a few more detailed projects (like correcting a widget).

There are going to be other changes over time, so there's a good likelihood that I'll be hiring again.


1) Update colors so buttons match the light blue in the company logo (search button is orange). This task involves identifying all the locations where the button colors do not match the company color scheme.

2) Update heading so that it matches the company site heading (add color band to background, add links to the rest of the company site)

3) Change fonts to match the company site (I can provide the fonts we use). This change is the least important and if it is going to make the site look terrible on mobile devices then it can be skipped.

4) Change the social media widget (remove RSS and GooglePlus, and add Pinterest - requires a pinterest icon that matches the other icons)

5) Please make sure that all of these changes will be effective in the mobile versions of the site. It's very important that the site be mobile-friendly - I chose a responsive theme to ensure that readers could access it on any device.

Skills Required

Mobile Development, Blog Programming