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We would like to create a remembrance website for the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines that have died in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. The site would have to be complete with a web 2.0 feel, social media connections on each fallen soldiers page, and a way for family members to submit their loved one's story. The page to submit information about the fallen heroes would have to be easily manageable via wordpress. The heroes would be categorized by state and branch of service.

Also, there would have to be some autonomy on behalf of the web designer to address issues that we may not have thought about.

The design must be very web2.0 and humanize the sacrifices of these heroes.

Please, in your proposal, describe to me how you would build this site and address some issues I may not have thought of using autonomy.

And also Coast Guard must be included.


Web 2.0 Look and Feel
Humanize the sacrifices
Submit information including pictures, youtube embed code, etc.
Divided by State and Branch of Service
Other issues not addressed but would require a level of autonomy on behalf of the web designer

Skills Required