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I have a website I’d like to revamp. It is mainly a website of quizzes. It has to be a CMS.
The website currently up is astronomyquiz.org and I want to keep the look and feel pretty much as it is.
For the rest of the website I would like:
To keep the look and feel I have now, but maybe have the color black at the top fade into the blue.
A Links page
A Sponsor or Product page
Statistics on site visitors
A Tell a Friend button on the homepage and every quiz page.
A way to easily notify those interested in when a new quiz is published.
Contact Us page that has captcha, thank you, your message has been sent, send me a copy, will store email addresses for further notifications.
A FAQs page
A page to get donations. I am currently using Paypal. I would like to include Google’s Checkout Donation button. Any others?

Would like to have, but not as important:
Petitions section for giving support to astronomy issues.
A little questionnaire box that visitors could fill out to let me know their age and gender and city, state, country. Then I would like to have a graph showing this as it grows over time. Maybe even show it to the visitors.
Gallery Page
Comment page
Maybe site performance enhancers to speed up and optimize a website.


SEO is important.
The things I need for the quiz section are the following:
1 It would not be necessary for people to register in order to take a quiz, but if they wanted to access their stored scores then they would have to.
2 To allow me to see results of quiz takers whether or not they log in to take the quiz.
3 Instead of just giving the quiz taker a score, to have the correct answers for them to see right after the quiz is taken. The way it is in the one I have now is ideal.
4 The questions get shuffled each time the same test is brought up so that they appear in a different order every time.
5 Be able to put in at least 6 possible answers to choose from.
6 Be able to put pictures next to questions.
7 Be able to insert an animation next to a question.
8 For the whole quiz to be on one page instead of one question per page.
9 To choose one or multiple answers to a question.
10 I need a CMS and be able to plug the questions in sort of like what I already have.
11 To be able to make a comment next to some of the pictures to explain something.
12 To be able to upload images and have them go next to the questions.
13 To have a large image at the introduction like I have now.
A simple program that is easy to learn.

Skills Required

Other Website, IT & Software Project