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Searching for a very very good Webdesigner to program and redesign a website that will consist of social interaction for fans to enjoy on site.
Bidget cannot pass anymore than $500.. and seeking someone to work with our team and be flexible.

This website has to be Custom as we do not want to have templates, and need a unique creative website. Or we are open to any suggestion you have to make certain areas customized so the website stands out.

At the current moment the purpose of this website is to build a following, branding, and must have creative website, good coding to make it social so fans can comment on blog and articles, and share, as well take part in Campaign ideas we have.
Please let us know if you are capable of creating something very creative as the samples below (bottom). the design ideas, fonts, codings, social plugin features for fans to interact, some flash coding to not slow down site, Campaign interactions for fans to submit stories/video, etc.. possibly a Store to sell items, etc.. as well an easy to update site/, Able to insert Content/photo/videos for entire site while creating project, etc.

TO give you an idea: website will feature Blogging, social media plugins, fan interaction with commenting, similar as:
http://www.charitywater.org/blog/ (good blog setup with subtitles)

http://www.typef.com/featured-videos/trendshaping/ ( we will launch a page similar to this on one of his sections)
-http://www.values.com/your-inspirational-stories/new ( we will create a Campaign similar to this for people to participate and submit)
http://www.kony2012.com/ (good custom site example we can use ideas and font)
http://www.andersoncooper.com/ ( good custom site for ideas. )
http://amirkhanworld.com/fights ( we like the professional design and the creativeness of site on certain sections we can duplicate)

We would need developer to be able to put in the content/photos for the sections we have on site. This is very important for client.

We must be able to have edits until we can get the design we are looking for. Our last developer took too long to complete our design style, and made project last long.

This site will be heavy in content which will have a special Blog section that will have subtitles(10-12) which there will be Video/photo/content we would need inserted for us, until we can learn how to work the word press steps.

This site has about 12 tab sections with subsections in certain areas that goes as a BLog/article Feature, where members can be apart of his community by logging on through facebook to be able to post comments on blog/articles, OR either sign up as a member of his community site. We want to be able to showcase the amount of growth the website has with time.

Again.. We cannot accept any bids more than $500... But want someone flexible to work with us.


We need great work similar to these levels.
Easy site to update on our own for update blog, articles, and camapigns.

Skills Required