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Confidentiality is our moto.

Creation of a website in 3 languages ( dutch, french, english). Main Colours must be Green and yellow. These colours are easy to look at and give confidence to visitors.

The feel and look must be of a very serious and respectable consulting and finance company.

Integration of the AVA FX forex platform , witch we can than offer under our own name and logo. You can find this information on the website of avfx.com it is an internet fx platform. They offer white label solutions. We where already in contact with this company.

Seo and every other possible sollution in order to get very high in the google search engine. And every other search engine available.

We want to be integrated in all the major social network sites ( facebook, linkedin, twitter, huffington post …)

We want a blog – discussion forum totaly integrated in on our website.

Opening page must be very clear and attractive, with easy to find your way around buttons.

1) Who are we? buton
This information is very prominent on the opening page, we will talk in this text about what we do and what we are. In the text there will be links to the different activities butons.

Who are we

We provide services as advisor and consultant. We carry out assignments as an independent consultant. We are an office that offers real solutions to our customers. We also offer a private forex platform, where active investors in confidence and at the best market rates independently can do and controle 24/7 there own investments.

All these activities can not be summarized in one word.

That does not demonstrate a lack of clarity or focus. Companies that have specific questions about a possible takeover, companies in crisis, companies that seek alternative financing, companies that want better coverage and higher yield on their capital, driven collection of outstanding debt, sin-eating. The knowledge in these areas is the binder of all our activities.

We have a lot of attention for companies that are seeking real and sometimes daring solutions, which are totally out-of-the-box thinking and willing, open to genuine and constructive criticisms.
Our proverb is "a fool who always agrees with you is soon a smart person in your eyes, but beware, he's still the same stupid fool". Many managers do allow themselves to fall a sleep by their closest advisers or employees. We believe in direct and honest analysis, even if it sometimes is not pleasant to hear. But soft healers make stinking wounds. That's hard, but very often the truth is not what managers or their staff want to hear. We help with those insights.

Why choose Eltanin

Our company is a child of the recent crisis. "Crises are challenges." But a crisis is above all also a time to relieve tension. Companies need innovation. That means daring and a new and different approach. We consider our work as a real challenge. It requires a combination of technical knowledge, courage and vision and psychological abilities. We are a small group of dedicated people with additional experience and specialties, all convinced that it is different and better.
We carry out assignments for customers who are creative and appreciate a non-standard approach to. It is custom work.

There are three characteristics that make us fundamentally different.

Whipped growth through debt and many outstanding clients, unsustainable business structures. Overestimating the value of the company, not seeing the real problems. Often the company is not sustainable. On the contrary. We go for thoughtful analysis, and with a knowledge of the true value. Not driven by debt, but sustainable solutions.

We want to know our customers. We therefore allow sufficient time in their agenda for a first interview. This means that we do not work for many customers. We would like to personally serve. The human contact is important not just to do our job well.We give our clients access to our assignments, and discuss potential conflicts of interest. The cost of our services are not hidden, but totally transparent from the start. We do not receive funds from third parties in the execution of the contract for a customer.

We have the technology to help your business go outside your countries borders. Through our international contacts we can assist in your international ambitions. That can be very diverse, from the entry of aircraft registration, yacht or other vehicle, to the creation of very specific companies that are really tailored to the needs of the company or its managers. Through our international network we bring you into contact with famous and internationally successful traders, investors and fund managers, giving you a clear added value to your capital, guaranteed.

2) Forex buton
Under this buton there will be the our forex platform deliverd by ava fx whit label solutions.

3) Incasso buton
Text with explanation that debt management and reccovery is crucial to many companies, and that we have the right and discrete way to intervene.

4) Advisers and consulting buton.
This is all tailored work, therfore go to the contact page and invite us for a personal and highly confidential meeting.We offer always and totaly free of charge a confidentiality contract.

5) Take over and crisis management buton
Same as the advisery buto, go to contact and invite us.We offer always and totaly free of charge a confidentiality contract.

6) Wealth management
Same thing, invie us, go to contactWe offer always and totaly free of charge a confidentiality contract.

7) Financing
Same thing. We have through our contacts, the possibility to find financing in the classical sense via bank or private and alternative financing.We offer always and totaly free of charge a confidentiality contract.

8) International business networking: We work together with this company. We like to use there information, but it must not be a link to there company, just copy all the information. This site is not a nice site, to busy, not a good feel. But the info is good, and they deliver good work.

9) Investigations
We can help with investigating a company or a person. We have certified detectives who specialize in this field.We offer always and totaly free of charge a confidentiality contract.

10) Tailored solution
If none of the above situations applies, please feel free to invite us and maybe we can be of assistance. We offer always and totaly free of charge a confidentiality contract.


sites a want you to look at are;
http://www.cambridge1.net/Luxemburgprice.html ( only for content, we offer the same services, but i do not like the layout of this site

Skills Required