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Project Description


Innovative Applied Sciences desires a limited user interface mockup or prototype that we will use to secure funding for the development of the product. The product we plan to develop will be a video manipulation tool that will have an HTML5 browser-based interface.

We need talented individual(s) to develop a clean, functional, and compelling design expressed through a mockup/prototype that can be viewed with a browser. The purpose of this mockup is to present a preliminary design look, feel, and style. There is no need for workable functionality behind the interface elements. Use of static, or canned, data such as jpg image files is expected.

The mockup will show the viewer four modes or feature sets of the product. Ideally the viewer will be able to exercise a small number of elements such as buttons, tabs, sliders, etc. to communicate the designer’s ideas for a fully developed product.

All design elements such as colors, shapes, etc. are at the designer’s discretion for this mockup.

A document with detailed requirements is attached tot this submission.


We would like a self-contained, browsable, prototype of the user interface.

We expect that the designer will use a interface-builder tool that generates html code that can be delivered to us.

We would like to emphasize that the elements described in each of the pages do not need to be functional, nor necessarily displayed in the mockup. It will usually be sufficient merely to show that a certain set of functions/tools would be available to the user (via a tab, button, link, etc.)

Skills Required

Web Programming, User Interface Design, Web Development