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Website Layout/Structure/Interface

First, I will explain and illustrate what we want in regards to the artist; their user interface, what their
profiles should look like/do, and the tour calendar.

The most important aspect of this whole website is the Tour Calendar. The calendar will show
all of the scheduled performances during any given month. The individual dates will be filled in with the
school names that have shows scheduled that day as well as the start time of the show. Allow for there
to be more than one school per day. Once a school show is set on the calendar, we want bands that
have signed up to be able to select the dates they would like to play and sign up for them. When a band
clicks on a date, a pop-up window will appear with more detailed info about the show (address/map,
lunch time, the time the band is expected to arrive, and a sign up button. Once a band has signed up for
a show, it will no longer be available to be chosen by any other band, and it will show the name of the
band that has chosen it. Once a date has been selected by a band, it will then appear on their profile in
their Upcoming Dates section. Next I will cover the needs for the individual artist profiles.

For a band to create a profile, we will require the following information: Artist name, valid artist
e-mail, phone number, hometown/location (with zip code), Genre, links to any of their social networking
sites, and they are required to upload at least one song to their profile, but are allowed to post as many
as they would like.

With the band profiles, the biggest things I want to stress is sharability and user friendliness.
When a user accesses a band profile page the things we want them to see are the bands picture, brief
description of the band, a music player (preferably one that is compatible with mobile phone operating
systems as well) that allows for purchasing/downloading and sharing of music, and a list of their
upcoming dates and a list of previous shows played so people can see the schools they have played at
before and when. A section for extra photos and videos, discography, and contact info/full bio should be
included as well, possibly on separate tabs. Bands should be able to edit and maintain their own pages.
Lastly, people should be able to leave comments on both individual songs (example: the SoundCloud
player) as well as on their general page.

Lastly I will briefly cover the artist interface. When the artists come to the site, they will need to
log in. Once they have logged in, they will be taken to their account page which will allow them to view
their profile, edit their profiles/upload content, view the main calendar and pick dates, manage their
notifications (comments, etc.).

The second aspect of the website I want to cover is the student/user interface. Again, we stress
simplicity and sharability.

First, there is the main homepage of the website. This is where both our bands and our users will have
the ability to log into their profiles. When a user creates their profile, we will require the following: a
valid e-mail address and password and the zip code in which they live. Beyond that we will give them
the option of logging in with facebook or manually entering their location (city and state), their school
name, and other personal/basic info/ music tastes/etc. We hope to be able to create networks, similar
to how facebook’s networks, that will allow students to interact with other students either at their
school, in their region or based on what music they like.

Once logged in, they will be redirected to another homepage that will have all the important things on it
that are featured on the website (I am imagining it as resembling the iTunes store in structure). This will
include: access to view the master calendar, most listened too artists, artists that have played at your
school (past and present), Skoollive featured music of the month playlist, a live ticker showing all of the
songs being played on the website that is, other interesting things to keep kids in touch with artists and
fellow fans alike. Kids will also be able to access their profiles, networks and artist profiles through this
page as well. We would like a search function for finding music by song, artist name and genre or search
by location/proximity to user or specific zip code.

If the user wants to see what is popular in their region/network/school, they can click to see the most
popular songs or artists within their specific regions/networks, their favorite genres, their school, etc.
Also another live ticker of songs being listened too by people in their networks. They should be able to
find their school and see what shows are scheduled at their school on the calendar

User profiles should be composed of a picture, the information provided when created a profile, more
detailed music interests, music player of their own that they can add and remove tracks from and create
playlists in to better organize their favorite tracks, their favorite artists, and a way for them to link their
profiles/activity to their other social networks, a place for them to past any pictures they took at their
school shows and tag the bands or other people in them as well as post/send songs to their friends

One last aspect of the user interface would be for every school to have its own page that can be
monitored by the contact at the school. This will allow schools to update their school profile with
news/upcoming events and keep in touch with their students. If the school updates something, all the
students that go to that school and have profiles will get notified of the updates. The school page will
be the way for the students to see what music is trending amongst their fellow students and a way for
them to communicate about the shows that have occurred or will occur at their school. This will further
enhance the flow of music and information amongst peers and schools alike.

Mobile App Structure/User Interface

The goal of the mobile app is to consolidate the website in a way that makes it very user friendly while
also making the students want to use it on a regular basis. The mobile App should emphasize sharing
even more so than the website.

When a student user opens up their mobile App their profile should appear. Here they will be able to
manage their profiles, see any notifications/updates/comments on their profile/media, etc. Somehwere
on screen will be a selection of tabs for them to navigate through the app with. One tab will be their
music which will allow them to stream any songs they have placed in their music player/playlists as well
as send songs to their friends/post them to their friends profiles. Another will allow them to go to their
school page to see what shows are scheduled at their school and allow them to interact with the school
page similar to the website. Another will allow them to search the website for bands, songs, albums.
Another will allow them to see what is popular amongst their friends/networks/region as well as access
their friends profiles. The app should also allow for easy sharing through their various social networks.


Completion should be a online media platform that allows users to upload content, create a profile, share content, allow interaction between all users.

Skills Required