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We are looking for someone to quickly develop a voting website to house 100 of our cover models. The 100 models will need to be able to upload 4 photos, 1 video, and complete a bio. The models will need to be able to create an account to log in and out. We also need voting capabilities. We can determine the number of votes someone would get.

I know it is very short notice, but we need this site to be completed by Friday at 3pm CST.

Our current site uses wordpress. I have looked into voting plug-ins and know there are a few options. I believe the best bet due to the short notice will be to use wordpress plugins, and develop a page where the models will be able to do all functions said above.

Please view planetbeach.com to get an idea of who we are and what we do.

I will be making a decision by 2pm CST TODAY. Please get back to me as soon as you can.

Price can also be negotiated.


Full functioning voting website.

Models will need to upload 4 photos, 1 video, and complete bio section.

Will need login functionality.

Will need voting capabilites.

Will most likely need to be linked via a wordpress page.

Skills Required

WordPress, HTML