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Immediately after hiring

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United States
5 stars
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Project Description

Go to RichMillerMusic.com
#1: I want 3 sections where I can easily update the Title & description.
Details: View the "Music" page;
it currently has 2 sections: Instrumental music & "Rough Takes"
Click on "Rough Takes"
#2: I want to show more songs for sale in less space.
Right now it takes about 6 lines to list 1 song.
I also must use song posting dates to change song list order.


I know HTML and CSSs, inline styles, etc. so making updates doesn't have to be too simple an effort...but right now it's not simple enough.

I want to spend my time doing music -- not trial & error to control the website...which I have to do now.

It doesn't even have to be a WordPress site if conversion isn't to much.

Skills Required