Start Date

Immediately after hiring

Employer Facts

5 stars
No payment method

Project Description

IntelleGrow Finance Pvt. Ltd. provides uncollateralized loans to Small and Medium Enterprises in India, which are currently not served by banks because of a lack of financial track record or collateral, which constitute normal requirements for borrowing from any banks.

We want you to program the IntelleGrow website (we already have the design), containing following pages:

1.Home Page will provide details about the company and act as a gateway to other sections.

The home page will be split into 3 sections:

A. The top section that contains the menu and will be fixed regardless of the page that is currently displayed.

B. The middle section that will contain data relevant to the current page selected through the menu.

C. The bottom section that will contain another menu with horizontal sliding tabs that contain data about company, customers, products, etc.

The middle section contains an animated image that is split into many smaller tiles that will flip like a wave from left to right, changing the image depicted. These images will represent pictures of our clients and their products. The left side of this image should be faded to allow for a short information box to appear on the top layer from the viewer perspective.

2.About Us will contain following sections:
A.Our business
B.Management & Team

3.Why IntelleGrow
C.Success stories

4.Apply for a loan
A.Customer profiles
B.Application process and documents
C.Apply online (will contain an active page that will allow the user to fill in a specific loan application form and attach application documents)

Please make recommendations of a programming language and a budget for this project.

Skills Required

CSS, HTML, CMS, Web Programming, Web Development