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Project Description

I just need some help creating the DONATE button and linking it to my PayPal account, and some other basic adjustments to the site.

This should take an experienced programmer less than an hour, I think.

I will give you the admin logon and password to my site. You will make the changes directly on my site - www.internalcontrolfreak.com.

I have created a wordpress site and it is hosted and up.


I initially created it on the free wordpress site


I have a personal PayPal account linked to my email. I think I activated a business account in PayPal but I can’t find any merchant ID number in my profile.

I don’t care that much about which “Theme” I use. Please recommend or choose one that seems easiest to use and customize per the requirements below.


Business requirements

1. Walk me through how I modify my PayPal account so I can have visitors to my site donate small amounts to me. I realize PayPal will charge 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction. That’s fine with me.

2. On my hosted site, www.internalcontrolfreak.com, I want a “DONATE” button so readers can opt to donate to me via PayPal.

There should be only 3 dollar options for donors in US dollars:


I’ve installed a PayPal widget but can’t get it to work and can’t figure out how to customize it.

I want text above or below the donate button as follows:

“If you were entertained by my stories, if I made you laugh or made you think, or gave you some valuable ideas or insight, please consider providing a small donation. Consider it as buying me a cup of coffee in return for my efforts. Thanks!”

If you can add a public domain graphic of a cup of coffee with the text, that might be a nice touch. I will leave the look and the design of the donate area to you.

I want this prominently on the home page at the top, in the right hand corner.

3. I want to be able to see the same statistics on my hosted site as I have on the free www.internalcontrolfreal.wordpress.com site. The current options for site statistice seem inadequate.

4. I want visitors/readers to be able to sign up to receive new posts exactly like the one on the free site,

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5. I want to retain the listing of categories along the top of the home page for readers to click on. I will continue to add content at the rate of about 1 post per week.

Skills Required

PHP, WordPress, Web Development