Start Date

Immediately after hiring


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  2. front_page_theming.pdf

Employer Facts

5 stars
No payment method

Project Description

use the described process to create a css file of the attached mobile application page

1) Intro
Watch the intro video so you have some idea about what we are trying to accomplish.!/guide/theming

2) Sample Site
Extract and add the folder to your web server.
View index.html, it should work like in the video.

3) Ruby and Compass
Rename (to .exe) and install the application.
Rename <drive>:\ruby192\lib\ruby\site_ruby to <drive>:\ruby192\lib\ruby\site_ruby_renamed (problem with version).
Open the ruby command prompt and type 'gem install compass' to install Compass.

4) Modify Themes
The config.rb (ruby file) and *.scss sample themes are in the styles folder in the sample project.
Change directories using command prompt until you reach this folder.
There are two basic commands 'Compass Compile' and 'Compass Watch'.
Basically it takes the style variables you change and compiles a proper theme stylesheet.

5) Development to Production
After you have viewed your site a few hundred times and like the look, change the config file to production.
You can remove all the unused sections, and compress to minify the resulting .css.


please review attached

we need some help with making the design beautiful

within the header pannel there will be

a search bar / pannel and search button with a transparent image

2 buttons at the top of the page that are specific app pages titled Deals , Listings

bellow the header

company identification that is in corporate colours but also allows for the back ground theme to be seen.

The back ground theme for the entire page shoudl be some type of red either a gradient or even textured ( your recommendation)

4 control buttons that stand out, that have titles and transparent images that communicate the topic. Deals, Near Me, Seasonal, New

these need to be laid out clearly and large enough and of quality resolution

Skills Required

CSS, Web Development