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Project Description

I am looking to develop an HTML5, CSS3, JQuery app. It is an interview application that interviewers use to assess candidates during the interview. Prior to the interview, an interviewer chooses a set of criteria and questions per criteria. During the interview, the interviewer rates the user on those criteria.

The backend will be a web service written either in PHP or C#.NET. However, the site/app (that is, the front-end) needs to be de-coupled itself from the server-side functionality (that is, the webservice which performs any functionality, adding to db, etc.) This is because, once I go the native route in a year, I want to be able to use the same set of functions (i.e. the web service) for the functionality of the native mobile app.

I'm including a few screens for examples, but, there will be a few more centered around listing of candidates, modal windows for 'forgot password', configuration of criteria, etc.

The most important screen shot is 06 and 05. It is what the interviewer will see when they are interviewing the candidate. Screen 06 lists a set of criteria that the interviewer would click on, which would take them to screen 05. In screen 05 they can see the questions to ask and rate the candidate on the criteria. The other screens are a login screen and a screen for listing the projects/jobs.
It is a very simple prototype and my aim is to figure out the minimum functionality to start with that interviewers will also want to use.

Can you provide an estimate for two types of possibilities (time and fixed price for both)
1. The entire project (front-end with HTML, CSS, JQuery and the PHP/MYSQL webservice)
2. Just the server-side portion (i.e. just the PHP/MYSQL webservice)


front-end website in HTML/CSS/JQUERY
server-side webservice in PHP/MYSQL

Skills Required

PHP, MySQL, Web Development