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Project Description

This image listing website dynamically calls item records from mySQL tables, and adds an image held in a directory outside of the tables. The main components are:
4 PHP scripted page "views"
7 or so other PHP components (like menus)
2 CSS files
5 or so HTML pages

Right now, the record lists appear staggered, or images jump around the page when resizing windows, and div/tables don't line up and center properly, etc. Some of the styling, CSS appears differently between browsers, or doesn't seem to resolve at all.


1. Cross-browser compatibility, appearance stability and unified style (inc. simplifying CSS)
2. Even placement of horizontal and vertical images, and even placement of records in rows and columns
3. Easily edit the number of rows and columns displayed for different calls
4. Add a scrolling frame or iframe to the page to display the called sets separately from other parts of the page

5. Optional: site search field

Skills Required

CSS, PHP, MySQL, HTML, Web Development