Start Date

Immediately after hiring

Job Duration

3 to 6 months


Less than 10 hours a week

Employer Facts

United States
0 stars
No payment method

Project Description

I need a part-time web developer or programmer to help me build functionality on my small business site.

Tasks will be fairly simple and I will provide detailed instructions of what I want and what the appearance will be. Only 2 or 3 hours of programming or development per week (to start with) and I can only pay a max of $100 per week (to start with). But, you will get plenty of free lunches and coffees and whatever else I can provide for you.

I am open to WordPress, Drupal, or any other pre-built templates as long as you know how to edit the HTML or CSS. I already have an existing site, domain name, and LLC. I will have another firm handle design and logo work. You only need to focus on programming.

Skills you will need:
Editing HTML or CSS
Basic Knowledge of cloud computing and storage
Knowledge of auto-populate functions (aka "Sign in using facebook")
Basic shopping cart design
Document insertion and downloading
A few other basic skills

If you are interested, please respond to the email above with a project (or a few projects) you have worked on before. Students are more than welcome as long as you are advanced enough and willing to learn with me.

Thanks for your interest,



See above.

Skills Required

Programming, Coding, Graphic Design