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Hi dear contractors.
I need someone to make a very nice and elegant website for a dentist (denturologiste). Graphics are very important, they need to be chic and sophisticated. Colours should be happy and light with a contrast color, like orange and silver. (you can get inspired by the PDF file in the "Home/Header/logo" folder in the attachment (that's her advertising poster)

-The website will be DYNAMIC in terms on editing texts and changing picture, so we will need a simple CMS; you can use WordPress, Joomla, whatever you like ...

-The website is going to be very simple, only 5-6 pages will be enough ... It will be an informative website, no functionality is required , but the design is very important to attract people.

- The clients will be between 40 - 100 years old

Here are the details:

Header --> will be the doctor's name + a little logo (check out the files in the "home/header/logo" folder + phone number of the clinic

1- Home --> The doctor's picture (I will provide) + some words about the doctor and her background

2- The Clinic --> I will provide pictures of the clinic + some content about the clinic

3- Services --> a list of services and explanations for each + some pictures of the doctor working in the lab

4- Contact info --> address + map + email address + phone number

5- Promotion --> For this I will need an appropriate picture that would relate to Rebate or Promotion + a little text about this promotion (check this out: to get and idea http://www.catherinerobert.com/promotion.html)

Just be creative. Do interesting things with the design, and please don't be ordinary! :-)

Thank you!


This website will be used to promote the deturologiste online ... If we can have some SEO work in it, that will be even better, but I don't have the text ready yet.

Skills Required

PHP, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, Web Development