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Looking for mobile app developer to develope & build my application for Iphone, android & possibly an html mobile website.
Basic specifications:
The app will be data driven and provide information to a specific industry with a membership base (users of the app) of 2000-5000.
The app will have 5-7 categories(pages). The purpose of the app is to keep the members informed of certain scheduled events occuring at the 30 or so listed locations throught the city. As an example the first page will have listed about 30 businesses within a certain local in the city.
Each business location will be listed in a row which the can scroll through up and down. There will be information on each line for each business showing from left to right, the date, time to next event at this location,name of business in the middle, on the right it will show the number of people at the event and the distance between that business and where the member is at all times. Below that will continue the list of the 30 or so businesses withthe corresponding information.
At the top of the app there will be 4 buttons so that the member can have the list sorted by 1-event time 2- positive update time 3-distance
4-size of event
The app will have gps capability. The members will each be able to updat a business location throught the day by selecting the business, box pops up where the member can select from a choice of options representing the current condition of that location.
The condition will then be sent and show up on the line corresponding to that business as a green arrow up for positive or red down arrow for negative. this way all the members can see the condition of all the listed businesses at a glance throught the day in addition to being updated to the scheduled events throught the day.
Representatives of the businesses will also be able to update the condions at their location in the same way as the members.
The program should be able to work in the background signaling via different tones when a scheduled event or update is occurs at any of the businesses. The app can then be opened and the member can see the events that have been signalled.
There will also be maybe 4 other pages listing 30-40 businesses with a detail of their offerings and the 4 buttons on top so that the can be
sorted in different ways, time distance, etc.

The app should be able to be easily edited by administrator as far as scheduled events, etc..

I can go into more detail during our interview process and you being the expert in your field will probably have some advice on how to make this a veryusefull and user friendly appliaction.

Skills Required

HTML, Android Development, Mobile Development, Mobile Applications