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I want a modify or custom joonla survey component that can handle survey responses at the backend inform of values (1 2 1 4 2 3 etc) horizontally and import them to spreadsheet e.g Ms-Excel not in csv comma format.

Please only interested contractors who can deliver should apply.

I have a Joomla Site in which i want to integrate a survey extension which will be able to handle the following:
1.) Create survey questions (with Radio button)
2.) No of questions per page can be determine or preset during design (e.g 35 questions = 7 questions per page in 5 pages OR design to be 5 question per page automatically)
3.) The responses to the survey questions will also be further represented by numbers (e.g yes =1, No = 2, Age in years: 15-25 =1, 26-35= 2, 36-46 =3, 45-55=4, 56-65=5 etc) after the survey is filled and submitted. At the backend I will have responses in horizontal lines with Respondent responses in columns inform of [1 3 1 1 2 2 1 ] not in CSV format which can also be imported to spreadsheet (MS-Excel)
4.) The first page of the survey will only be for an appeal content to implore every respondent to participate and clicking NEXT will then start the Survey question page.

Let me know how you understand this job.

See the attached file.

Note: the job budget is just around $50
Note: the job budget is just around $50

Skills Required

CSS, HTML, Joomla