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I need help with Wordpress. They say it is easy to install and I've tried it. But like everything else connected to computers, its harder than it looks...especially when you have a specific theme. I want to install the Socrates theme.

I have a domain and hosting (I actually have many domains that I'll need sites for). I also have particular needs as to how the site gets installed.

I belong to Bringthefresh.com. They are the best in my opinion and when sites are installed using their guidelines, you have the best chance to get ranked...and it is vital that I get ranked on page one of Google...and entirely doable.

I do keyword research that insures me of the best chance to get rankings. I only buy domains that contain my keywords.

I have much to discuss and have a lot of ideas.

I would prefer someone in Santa Fe to work with because I’d like to meet personally…but if I can find the right person I will work over the phone. I don't want a "company" that charges big fees. I want a person that knows what he/she is doing and will work for a small amount now against future value...we'll discuss this.

I am now working alone...it is difficult and lonely. I need a person who knows what they're doing to work with and exchange ideas.


Here is exactly what I need first:

Wordpress site for this domain...www.willtheworldendin2012.org

It is an exact match domain that gets 15,000 local, exact match searches a month. It is a short-term site as it will come to a screeching halt after December 21, 2012.

I have hosting at Brainhost.

I have found a couple of suitable products on Clickbank that I can affiliate with.

I'd also like to incorporate Adsense.

I have the custom Wordpress template, Socrates, which I'd like to use.

I also have some specific criteria that the site must adhere to. This has to do with mechanical stuff that helps get the site ranked and I can show you what that is. Don't know if you are familiar with Bring The Fresh (bringthefresh.com) but I think they are very credible.

I am not a "techie". While Wordpress is supposed to be easy to use, I am having trouble integrating all the affiliate and special theme stuff.

I would think that, for a pro, this doesn't represent more than a few hours work.

I don't have a lot of money but I do have a lot of ideas...and a number of purchased domains for other things. I'm good coming up with ideas and researching...niches, keywords, etc. But not good at the technical stuff.

I'd really like to establish a relationship with someone who is good, honest and willing to engage. We could do a lot together.

If you have a further interest, let's talk on the phone.


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