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These are the exact things I would like as of now and within a weeks timeline from the start of the job.

1.Search bar on the homepage and have it sectioned off much better, borders, etc.
2.New ads that are content sensitive on my site, that pertain to the same info, games,cartoon yourself, jewelry, etc. - I don't like setting up the ads and don't really want to mess with them other than adding them to blog posts or something like that. I don't mind inserting but I don't want to set it up. I do not like text ads at all. These are kids that are not going to click based on reading (for the most part) they need to be image rich/media ads. No text
3. The internal messaging system so I can message my members. There is no private messaging on the site as it is due to privacy issues but as the admin I need to message my members.
4.correct the front page where it says "recent girl chat" to when they click that topic is shows the entire conversation as it does when you click it in the girl chat page
5.The Avatar issue - lots of girls don't have avatars now because they don't know how to add them. It needs to be easier or a wide selection of default avatars they can pick from.
6.I would like for there to be a spot on the home page for VIDEO OF THE WEEK and when I update the video of the week under fun stuff it will just update he homepage one.
7.Add the Girl guide thumbnail to the homepage where it is static.

I DO NOT NEED AN ENTIRE REDO of this site. I need these things corrected or added
If you can do this correctly I will be willing to hire on a monthly basis for hosting and maintaining. This is a paid job. Please send me your quote. My site is a paid for wordpress site if that information is beneficial to you. If you cannot do any of these please do not submit to the job.

Also, I am looking for someone that is quick with communication. If I email you with some type of emergency I need you to get back in contact with me quickly.

Here is the website, have a look at it www.hey-bella.com


I dont know what that means exactly

Skills Required