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Dear web developers or programmers,

I am looking for a team or someone who can create a simple website for me so that I can present myself and my music and hopefully sell my music online.

This website has only a few pages which are ALREADY DESIGNED in terms of graphics. So, I have the graphics of the pages, and I only need the codes to be written.

I will need a Digital Goods shopping cart which will have to be set up in a way that I can receive a DETAILED ORDER HISTORY from paypal, or the shopping cart software will need to give me a detailed order history about my sales. Having a detailed order history is a MUST!

I will have to be able to manage my songs, content, videos, pictures etc.. in the back end.

I will give my audience the option to listen to my songs for free, but I don't want to limit them with downloading the free version. So, when they click on "Play", they will only hear the music as a background not a downloadable version.

I will have PayPal's Micro and Macro payment system. The Micropayments will be used for the song which will be downloaded when the user purchases the song with a fixed price (ex: $2.99) ---- And the Macropayments will be used for receiving donations.

There will be audio on the website as well. Meaning that when the user opens the website, the music will automatically starts playing until the user decides to stop it or pause it etc...

Looking forward to collaborating with you! :-)


Skills Required

.NET, PHP, Virtual Assistant, Web Development