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Accepting bids for work related to a small ecommerce makeover project that's intended purpose is for the purchase of, inquiry on, and direct personalization of products.

End product Ecommerce website should allows for 2 end goals for the user: Submit an inquiry for products added to their inquiry cart, or submit orders directly.

Work should also include site customization as not to mirror pre-fabricated or generic feel. The goal is to closely match corporate image. Sample designs and preliminary mockup should be provided and approved before construction begins.

Looking for someone who is detail orientated, while remaining flexible in the process of meeting deadlines and adhering within the constructs of their approved quote. Candidates must be detail orientated and possess adequate skills and resources to complete site construction and related revisions. Included in your bid please describe and detail payment and deposit arrangements

Please also include samples of work that closely matches the goals of this project. You can view the existing storefront at: www.paulamaita.com (built on WebExpress Pro)

The website will be tightly integrated with SAGE XML Datastream (http://www.sageworld.com/supplier/xml_datastream.php) to allow full customization or SAGE WebExpress Pro (http://www.sageworld.com/supplier/webexpress_pro.php) which limits the design in part and we're looking for someone who is able to make the most of it/make the site stand out/work with SAGE to maximize.

SAGE allows us as the supplier to select which vendors to show results from/and provides credit card processing capabilities. I'll be using SAGE to control the vendor product results that are returned/process payments, but want to have its own look and feel to the results.

The process for the should be as streamlined as possible, minimizing the number of clicks required to get from the start to checkout and improving the customer experience.

Simple clean interface with color outlines that are using the "Pear Lemon Fizz color scheme from http://kuler.adobe.com/#themes/rating?time=30

I've created a wireframe prototype to use as a preliminary guide (http://lumzy.com/access/?id=8DBA415D0BE0EDED9EAE2795EB4B0DF5)

but the theme/feel should be similar to--streamlined/uncluttered:

The navigation should include a top and side navigation with the top navigation similar to the one on this page:

The website should include the ability to:

1) Order directly from the site and process payments

2) Set up an inquiry cart in parallel, where users can ask for more information on the items they've added/payment is not required at that time

3) Allow the user to customize product directly on the site (i.e. using design studio or creative canvas) and then submit for production (i.e. (http://www.creativeadvertisingusa.com/CreativeCanvas/canvas.html))

4) To use bread crumbs (main to sub) all the while exhibiting where the user is (by highlighting the one they're on) i.e. Shirts -- T-Shirts -- Blue

5) After shoppers add something to their cart the placement of a “continue shopping” button makes returning to shopping as intuitive as possible.

6) Search available on main page (and every page) with ‘’autocomplete’’ function within the search box (which can be implemented with the use of jquery) providing the closest matches as customers type-in their keyword.

7) Content slider on the main page featuring top products, on product pages showing similar products similar to http://minimo.myshopify.com/

8) Have shopping bag/checkout and inquiry cart on top right consistently (showing # items in the cart) -- with contrasting color so it's easy to see

9) Allow the user to buy on search results page. similar to

10) Allow users to sort products by price, reviews, bestsellers and release date

11) Clean up product pages so Name description, price, quantity and add to cart is highlighted. Everything else is secondary and should be put into tabs on the bottom of the product screen

12) Checkout to be one page (for inquiry and buying) with a summary band on the side and with all other links removed (allow cancel so they can return but everything else distracts from what they're doing. On the one page, the customer should be able to fill out their shipping, billing and credit card information.

13) Calculate shipping based on location

14) Customize how the product pages display the information returned from Sage/asi (breaking info into tabs instead of a list of info)

15) Provide Facebook Like, Google+, Pinterest, and twitter integration into pages

16) Tracking number email automatically sent to customer along with payment receipt

17) Allow for "e-stores" integration --branded substores

After the site is completed, the maintenance of products/etc should be able to be handled in house through the use of the SAGE applications.

Possible add on for Mobile App capability

Size of website:
Approximately 15 distinct pages

About Us
Guarantee & Privacy Policy
Store Locations
Search Results
(i.e. Apparel, etc.)
Product Page
Customization Page

Supported Browser Type(s)/Version(s):
Google Chrome
IE 6.0-IE 9
Firefox 3.0+
Safari 4+

Requirements & Design: 5/28-6/10
Web Production and Programming: 6/10-6/22
User Acceptance Testing: 6/22-6/29
Go Live: 6/29


Fully deployed and operational ecommerce website built off of Sage XML Datastream or WebPro that processes orders and inquiries and allows for online customization/submission of products to production processing using the above criteria

-fully functioning site
-on time delivery
- to meet specification detailed above

Possible add on for Mobile App capability

Skills Required

Web Programming, Web Design, Web Development