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Project Description

Create an inquiry system using DataTables (http://datatables.net/) and Wufoo that can be embedded as a page in Wordpress. (Create a wordpress plugin)

User Story
1. User selects rows/items by checking the checkbox in the first column.
2. Each selected item is added to the Wufoo contact form on the same page
3. User completes the form and submits it.
4. We should get an email (from Wufoo) consisting of all the form data + user selected items/rows
5. We should be able to login to Wufoo and view all submitted data through their system

* We are currently using WP-Tables Reloaded. If you prefer to just modify that plugin we're fine with it.


- Wordpress Plugin for 3.3+
- Must format properly within our own Wordpress 3.3.2 Powered Website
- Must be easy for the user to login to WP Admin Backend and update/add tables. Tables should be embedded into any page/widget via a WP shortcode

Skills Required