Start Date

Sep 20, 2011

Employer Facts

United States
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Project Description

Startup website focused on pets and their owners. Site would allow our members to store important, personal info relating to their pets.

Members would need to have password access, but also provide others with their own passwords to access the pet info.
Once signed up, client will provide data on each pet. Their pet page should provide ability to input text, yes/no questions, drop down options, etc. We will provide page layout, which will be the same for each new member, but they can upload photos, documents, etc to customize it.
The site will need to scale to add many members. However, each member will only need one or two pages to interact with.

Sites that might align to this structure are dating sites (password protected, upload personal info and data variables, can change it whenever you want, can upload photos.)

We are looking for options on how best to build. Please provide info on the types of code you would use and why, along with samples of similar sites.
You would be responsible for taking our conceptual ideas of how the site should work and feel and translate it into a project with details on what is feasible and not.
As a start up, we are looking to build a basic, functioning site and be able to add other services to the platform.
Timeframe for delivery is 45 days.

We are looking for the most detailed quote you can give with the limited info above. If selected, we will provide as much detail as you need to confirm pricing.

Skills Required

Web Services, Programming