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The following description is deliberately vague where necessary as we do not want to publish all of the details of the proposed venture. We have scoped out, to the best of our ability, the general needs so that developers can determine if they are qualified and the approximate budget needed to deliver a beta version. We further understand that upon selecting a developer (s) that the needs to deliver a beta version may change materially once the concept has been fully understood. Interested parties are encouraged to submit proposals. Upon selecting a finalist, we will enter into a NDA, and the full scope will be shared. We have backoffice capabilities but will rely entirely on outside providers for the development of this venture.

We are interested in developing an app that lets users select from a dynamic list of entities their preferred choices. Users will have to pay a nominal fee to “buy” their choices. The collection of this fee will be processed via a third party vendor like Amazon. Users will be able to rank their choices. The database of choices will need to be easily searched. Users will be able to add to the database of choices provided their additions meet certain minimum requirements. Users will identify themselves by a user name of their choosing. Their specific choices will be kept confidential. Users will be asked to complete a profile on them that will be attributed only to their username. Every measure possible will be taken to protect the identity of the users. The app will track the universe of user’s activities so that data can be presented graphically on the activities of groups, but not on individuals. Users will be able to create lists of their choices that can be presented graphically and posted on other sites like Facebook. Users will be able to send emails to their own contacts inviting them to participate. Users will also be able to send an email asking their contact to “validate” their selected choice by means of clicking a “confirm” button in the email. The budget listed here is to produce a working beta version. If upon learning the full scope of the concept the budget is found to be lacking, we will work in good faith to revise the budget in order to get a working beta version.


The end deliverable will be an app that has small graphics requirements but robust database query abilities. Additional features will include a website to compliment the actions of the concept so users have the choice of logging in via their smartphone or via the web in a more traditional way. The venture plans to maximize the use of social media to expand its base of users, and also via users sending traditional emails to contacts of their choosing. Whenever possible during development, it is our intention to communicate progress and answer questions via email.

Skills Required

Mobile Applications