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Aug 19, 2011


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United States
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Project Description

Job Description

I would like a website in a similar layout as www.obedientsons.com. I will do the front design but will need the direction from you on what size to create it. The site will function exactly the same except for certain items. I want an html blog that floats over the Flash on "the blog" area or a Frame that has the ability to scroll down to prior posts as well as show current posts with the ability for me to publish posts at my freewill. I imagine the blog could be a wordpress or tumblr page and there could be an RSS that feeds that area on the flash site. I want to be able to sell items, just some sort of simple store front that can be linked back to the main page. The web design seems to be Flash and one long strip that jumps to frames determined by the navigation. The area where I will display the different project I have worked with should be a slideshow that is generated from an outside source/ftp/generator (I don’t know the term) I just know I want to be able to add new images when I want to without the help of any additional programming. There will be no subnavigation for that area Just 4 "picture frames" that slideshow the 4 differnt areas.

Please contact me for additional details.

Skills Required

AJAX, Adobe Flash, HTML, Web Development