MensHealth: Know your Family History

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Additional Scoring
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The creation of a series of health promotion videos – this being the first – to help change young men’s behavior and attitude about managing their own health. Using humor to deliver key messages (this one being “know your family history: know what you are made of; what killed your dad or grand dad could kill you), we hope to create a clever, engaging and relevant video that is entertaining (and hopefully viral) while delivering an important message.

Contest Details

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Subject of video campaign
Public cause or issue
Primary message of campaign
Find out your family medical history.
Secondary message of campaign
Know what kind of man you are made of.
Video Details
Type of video
No Preference
Desired length of video
0 minutes and 30 seconds in length, not including the time of the closing HiretheWorld graphics.
Video theme
Open to suggestions. It could be an iconic retro 1950s B/W educational video with humorous voice over; animation; “how to” video
File formats
Resolution quality standard
Minimum 360p for YouTube viewing. HD is preferred.
Note: High quality videos have the potential of being broadcast on television.
Video must haves
Director's Package will include
About the Brand
Brand information
The Men’s Health Initiative of BC (MHIBC) is a large-scale initiative aimed at improving men’s health and quality of life through leadership, awareness and education campaigns, research, and disseminating best practices in clinical care. 
Desired Message
Target market
Primarily BC/Canada. But the message and medium (.ca and .com) are global. So it doesn’t have to be exclusively BC/provincial. Though the languaging and venacular should be North American.
Desired actions
Pause and think about their own health situation. Ideally take positive action. Go and talk to their father about their family history. Hopefully, if there is cause, will go to their doctor.
Desired reactions
“Wow, this is cool and/or funny. I didn’t know this but I am going to go talk to my father about his health. I am also going to share this with my friends.”
Sexual content
Edgy, but not R-rated
Nudity is not allowed in any Hiretheworld viral contest.
Edgy, but not R-rated
Tone and manner
  • Funny
  • Informative
HiretheWorld Closing Image
Since you're such creative people, we want to give you as much freedom as possible to do your thing. At the end of your video, we need you to place the HiretheWorld closing graphic (included in the Director's Package) for 5 seconds but you can edit around the HiretheWorld logo, promoting your video however you would like but you must not move, resize, edit or distort the HiretheWorld logo in any way. Feel free to play around with the image we provided to encourage:
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January 25, 2012Download Period
February 1, 2012Upload & Scoring Period
April 30, 2012Final day of submissions
May 1, 2012Additional Scoring Period
May 15, 2012Prize Period

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