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Project Description

I have a YouTube Channel that I have developed and looking to Re-Launch the channel with a wham-bam Package. I am looking for highly creative designer to develop the Swedish Constructivism meets 60's style that we are looking for.

My channel is targeting filmmakers and on my channel I will be giving TIPS & Tricks, Interviews, introducing new Products and tutorials. I want this channel to be like no other. So in between segments I will be adding throw back 60's TV ads. Yes, black and white TV ads that is where my 60's retro comes in. With the whole typography and styling Q's from Swedish design and the constructivism movement.

We want something edgy and that brings some cool dimension for this new hip one of a kind YouTube Channel. I need a designer that is understanding of the deliverables for HD video. We will be designing a full show package, Intro (Graphic based with supplied images and some images you will have to find or create), Lower 3rds, Bug, Show Logo, Window to play old 60's SD videos, etc. (Full list below)


Design Package must consist of the following:
(# / item name / delivery format)

1 - Show Logo [ai/psd, png, mov (if is moves)]
1 - Complex show intro [animation mov]
5 - GFX Transitions [animation mov]
3 - Lower 3rd (1 name info, URL's, #Twitter handels) [ai/psd, png]
2 - GFX Hold screens (for advertisers, Text information) [ai/psd, png]
2 - SD frames to play OLD 60's Black and White Footage [ai/psd, png]
2 - Screens to hold call to action (subscribe, watch this video from last week, add us on twitter etc.
1 - YouTube background theme [ai/psd, png]
1 - Twitter background theme [ai/psd, png]

I can setup a dropbox for all the file transfers.

Skills Required

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects