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Project Description

Starting November 2012, all the tyres sold in Europe are obliged to have an explanatory label* on the following criteria:

• Fuel consumption
• Breaking distance on wet surface
• Sound produced by the tyre

This label should influence the buyer in his purchasing decision towards the best possible tyre for his/her needs.

For our client, we have to produce short animation films that will be used on their website and will be shared via social media.

➢ Content of the animation

I. Fuel consumption – a short animation film (max 1 min) that explains fuel consumption based on the tyre model. With tyre A you can drive 1000km. With tyre G you can drive 925 km. Also show all the driving distances from the models in between A & G.

II. Breaking distance on a wet surface – a short animation film (max 1 min) that explains the breaking distance based on the tyre model. The breaking distance with tyres type A will be 25 m, the breaking distance with tyre types G will be 45 m. Also show all the breaking distances from the models in between A & G.

III. Sound produced by the tyre – a short animation film (max 45”) where people can hear the difference between different tyre sounds. A tyre labeled B will produce 72dB. A tyre labeled G will produce 83dB

➢ Style of the animation

Think Lalinea simple lines, self explanatory and understandable for a worldwide audience. We’re open to suggestions, as long as the style is not too complex or overcharged. Provide us with samples of your work or the style you suggest. The client’s website is mostly white, so a white background animation will work best. Humor is very welcome, it should have a lightness to it, once again, think Lalinea.
For a good explanation of the labels, it would be good to visualize the label via a X & Y axis, whereby X stands for the label A to G and Y stands for the distance.


All films should be delivered in HD QT 1920x1080, including rightsfree music + proof of the music license.
We will add the voice overs + the sound of the tyres in film 3. All other sounds should be included already.
In total we will receive 6 films from you, of which 3 of them are identical, but 1 in a French & 1 in a Dutch version.

Skills Required

2D Animation