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Project Description

You must have your own camera and ALL basic associated gear (tripod, hand-held mic, lav mic, LED attachable camera light, portable free-standing floor light)
You must edit quickly and brilliantly. You will be asked to shoot and edit short clips (1 and a 1/2 to 3 minutes typically) in the same day.
You must therefore be fast and effective.

1) Please describe the type of camera you use and all of the associated gear that you have to go with the camera

2) Please send links to specific work covering sports

3) Please send specific information about your sports shooting and editing experience (names and dates of projects, teams or sports figures covered)

4) Please send your contact information.

5) Send your day rate for videography and video editing

6) Please include information on the type of video editing software that you use.

7) Camera operators with experience working in commercial television news are preferred. If you have experience working in commercial TV news operation, please discuss that in your reply.


Please make sure all requirements are sent with your reply.

Skills Required