Start Date

Immediately after hiring


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Employer Facts

United States
5 stars
No payment method

Project Description

* We need a 60-90 second (or less) motion graphic video that will serve as an "intro" to one of our events. ...A "Title Package" if you will.
* We host high-energy, customized game shows for corporate events.
* We need something that has a high-quality feel, lets the audience know what we're about to do, and MOST IMPORTANTLY: gets them absolutely fired up and sitting on the edge of their seat for what's about to happen.
* We currently have a slideshow-like intro to the music of Space Odyssey, so by design of the music (which builds to a climax) the audience gets excited ... However, the quality of the images, etc., is mediocore and cheesy and comes across as a decent Power Point. Please change that!
* More details in the "TBGS Storyboard" file to upload.
* Also look at www.TheBigGameShow.com for more details about what we do.


* Two versions of the same file: one at 1280 x 720. The other at 800 x 600. We would get the 1280 x 720 approved 100% first, then you could convert to 800 x 600.
* .wmv format.

Skills Required

2D Animation, Audio Production & Editing