Start Date

Immediately after hiring

Employer Facts

5 stars
No payment method

Project Description

A 1-2 minute "how it works" video created for our website

Top Level strategies:

1) What is the focus? Easily describing how HTW works
2) Who are we targeting? Employers
3) What's our core message?

Hiring and working online is better than traditional employment practices

4) What does success look like?

A fun, engaging video that speaks to employers but subtly lets freelancers know how awesome working on HTW is. The video reflects looks "hiretheworldy" The video doesn't "date" our site... so it can be used for a long time... it follows the airBnB flow.

5) Simplifying the big idea?

Working online is awesome... (or... hiring someone on htw is just as good (or better) as having someone work in your "traditional" office)

The right candidates would be expected to help us develop and appropriate script, cast members and work through pre and post production issues.


1) First 10- 20 seconds "what hiretheworld is"

Next: We go through the site chronologically to "show" (not necessarily tell) the benefits of using our site.

2) HTW makes finding awesome people incredible simple and fast (There's lots of us because it's free to sign up and they are ready to get your work done immediately)

3) Selection process... (not sure if I'm the right person? we can chat and figure it out... and I can start work right now)

4) You pay only for results, and HTW makes payment easy no matter where in the world I'm working (mountain top or other cool location)

5) Some way of rating each other (the benefit being this way everyone gets what they want)

6) Summary: (cubicle scene?) or/and... hire/manage/pay how/where/what you want... Risk Free

7) Move onto I also hire people (Rhada etc.) and growing my business etc.

8) It's easy and simple and Hiretheworld is always there to help (customer service)

9) Fade out. (Hiretheworld... or HiretheWorld - think outside the office)

We also thought that at least one of the workers in the video should be a student working part time... a working mom...etc.

We also made a list of potential benefits to include in the video which I will write here: (apologies as it overlaps alot)

1) Finding people to hire is easy... and they can be located anywhere
2) This is easier/better/cheaper than traditional work
3) Lots of selection/lots of people/lots of skills
4) Cost efficiency savings
5) transparent --> Can always know what your team is working on no matter when/where it happens (monitoring software)
6) Payment/invoicing/other paperwork handled automatically
7) Contractors can live anywhere... work anywhere... and as much or little as they like for who they want at the rates they want
8) you can scale up or down your workforce on demand
9) Let's you find the best talent at competitive prices
10) Customer service is awesome... just a message/phone call away
11) This is better than the status quo
12) You can start right now/it's fast
13) You decide when to release payment to a freelancer (riskfree)
14) Contests allow you to hire lots of freelancers all at once
15) HTW makes it like your team is in your office
16) A freelancer's profile follows them... you can work as a student part time... take on a full time career... work on the weekends... go to australia for a year come back and work on HTW full time... your profile follows you.
17) Lifestyle and freedom
18) It's free to start
19) Freelancers can hire people
20) You business is going to grow!

Skills Required

Video Production & Editing, Sales Writing, Video Production