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This project is important - this project will be used on a video which will be describing the events of the 'Sixth Seal'. You will need to create several images with several software. I will give 10% of the total for a down payment. The final payment will be rendered after the reviewing of my finished project (video) is completed.

Project is needed (completed) by 8/9/2012.


Concept: Shutting off the Sun

I need a rotating SUN. The scene begins with a visual image of a landscape as seen from earth on a sunny fall day. The picture pans to and focuses (zooms in) on the sun, and seems to go into space by turning the blue sky black and the sun starts to resemble NASA's space pictures. Then, we see a nebula cloud, larger than the sun, passing in front of this burning sphere extinguishing it, putting out its fire and blowing out the solar flames (sphere of fire) revealing the underlying craft whose color is matte black sackcloth texture. This craft is smaller than the sphere of fire which once surrounded it, and is also rotating. The proportion of craft size to heliosphere is similar to a pupil in an iris of an eyeball - similar to the eye of Horus in proportion and appearance. The craft rotates on its two axes vertical and horizontal. Attached you'll find a basic image of these steps which you can use to give you an idea of what I want created. Thank you.

Helpful notes: The underlying craft (the sun's core) which remains once the fire has been put out has to appear to look like an "UFO" type of craft as the final result
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Skills Required

Adobe Illustrator, 2D Animation, Adobe After Effects, 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, 3D Animation, Blender, Visual Effects (VFX)