Start Date

Immediately after hiring

Employer Facts

United States
5 stars
No payment method

Project Description

We are making a 2D fantasy role playing computer game. We are currently seeking an artist to draw and animate the different enemy types. The graphics should look detailed and realistic, although they do not need to be large. Each graphic may be 150x150 pixels or smaller. The animations for each creature should include an animation of the creature walking, attacking, and dying. Each animation only need be around 5 frames. The pay will be $5 (via pay pal) per complete enemy (including the walking, attack, and death animation) that is used in the game, up to a maximum of $50 if all of the enemies are drawn. The graphics should be custom drawn for this project and not taken from anywhere else. The list of enemies we need drawn are:
- green goblin with a club weapon
- wolf
- ogre
- skeleton with sword
- orc with metal armor and axe weapon
- zombie
- demon
- black knight with sword
- medusa
- lizard man
You will only be payed for each enemy that we use in our game. We would like these graphics to be done as soon as possible.

Skills Required

Drawing & Sketching, 2D Animation