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I have written a blog that disproves Albert Einstein's famous 1905 equation, e=mc2. The blog is published at http://einsteinsfolly.tumblr.com and also at http://einsteinsfolly.blogspot.com.

The blog is unusual in that it is a single entity and not a regular series of posts. So it requires someone who understands how to promote this sort of publication.

I want to connect to other Einstein skeptics by posting to their blogs and connecting mine to theirs. I also want to challenge the physics community to justify their Holy Grail equation in view of my analysis.

I want to implement as much of the advice here as possible: http://www.betterbusinessblogging.com/blog-directories-and-search/52-of-the-best-ways-to-promote-your-blog-and-your-business/ However, I do not wish to engage in voluminous social media interactions that are based on daily blog postings or updates. This actually works against my purpose, and costs too much.

I also do not wish to engage in complex and expensive SEO techniques.

The winning candidate will demonstrate that they can achieve my goals at a reasonable cost and within the short to middle term.

Perfect English is required for this project.

Thank you!

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Social Media Marketing