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We are two girls, one a trainer, the other a nutritionist, who are going to launch an online business focused on people getting fit and losing weight – through an online training & nutrition website.

Our target audience will most likely be women, of any demographic, but focused on those who are computer literate and looking to lose weight, or maintain their current weight. We will be running Weight Loss Challenges, which we will then use to up sell a variety of different weight loss programs & workouts (ie. Skinny Jeans Challenge, Bikini Shape-Up, Last 10 Pounds, Choose to Maintain etc).

Clients will pay a one-time fee, and be encouraged to pay a small monthly fee for continued support.

Our desire is to build our online audience and have a full community on Facebook & Twitter. We hope that the community then will help us spread the word about our business. Of course we recognize that we need to build relationships through social media and have a solid program to achieve this.

Our name has to be available as a .com, and it needs to be catchy with an easy Twitter handle that we can create.

We would also like a name that we can play off of for future programs (ie. we loved Fit Chicks - taken - cause we could have used "Chick of the Month", "Recipes from the Bird Coop", "Mother Hen Challenges You..." etc).

One business model that does really well, in the arena that we are launching, is www.toneitup. Our business will be similar, however, we will be personalizing our workouts and nutrition programs (that is what we hear people are looking for - no more cookie cutter programs).

In addition, to the programs we will also be launching a YouTube channel and will be vid-blogging.

We need a name that resonates with our audience, tells them what we do, and allows us to play off of it for future programs etc. As mentioned, .com HAS to be available and we need a catchy tagline to match what we do. My current business is www.fitnesswithpj.com and my tagline is : Making you fit. For life.

We are under a bit of pressure to launch this. We hope to outsource a logo and website and be live by end of July 2012.



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