Take that nursing home and shove it! Book Cover Design

Here is a little different kind of imagery.
My concept is about fighting back and being able to get the future you deserve. The image features an elderly women fighting back with dignity, fighting for whats right. I used this image because as you mentioned, its an image that would be able to reach out to older children because of its wit. The colours used are based on the image but use red/black are proven to be bold strong colours which re-enforces the message. Images are no extra charge as I have subscription to stock site.
A rough mockup of what it would look like in 3d. The spine has an image of boxing gloves to relate to the cover.

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Wade Dupey (wademd)
Phuket Phuket Thailand
These are entries from the contest Take that nursing home and shove it! Book Cover Design.

Project Description

Our company educates adult children and their elderly parents about the challenges with aging, and how to meet those challenges so they can ensure a more successful future.

Last modified: Sep 10, 2012