Banner Ad Design - War of Wizards (fantasy game)

I added to the previous version by using a medieval shield behind the text to add an extra element to it. I look forward to your feedback. Wade www.wademichael.com
This version I tweaked the logo text. The logo now sits on an orb instead of the shield in the middle. I added some stars in the middle top to enhance the mystical feel. I also used a different image for the blue wizard. All are stock images that are available for commercial use. I look forward to your feedback, Wade [email protected] www.wademichael.com
This is a combination of the two images used. These images are 100% stock images from stock photo site. If chosen I will be purchasing the image. I look forward to hearing your feedback. Wade www.wademichael.com
This version has a change this the text. I treated the title differently. Wade www.wademichael.com
This is my first entry for your project. Everything contains 100% legal stock images. I can purchase the image to remove the watermark if chosen. I look forward to seeing your feedback. Wade http://www.wademichael.com
Thank you for the feedback and comments on my first entry. Here is a revision with a new image used. I look forward to your feedback.
Here is another different image to choose from. I hope you enjoy.
This is a revision where I bring out the text out making it more prominent . Wade www.wademichael.com

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Wade Dupey (wademd)
Phuket Phuket Thailand
These are entries from the contest Banner Ad Design - War of Wizards (fantasy game).

Project Description

WoW Games runs War of Wizards, a fantasy Play-By-EMail game that is being relaunched as an online game/app

Last modified: May 16, 2012