BC Canada
Someone who gets things done.

7 years of industry experience in video game development.

Technical Animator for Capcom's Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.
Technical Artist for Electronic Arts' (EA) Fight Night, EA Active, NBA/NCAA, and other titles.
Lead Technical Artist for Square Enix's Megatouch Mobile Arcade 2.

An expert 2D and 3D artist. I specialize in full character production and animation, environment & props, and art integration & optimization for 2D/3D assets across all platforms.

Technology, games, and the arts are my passions.

I grew up a big fan of games, cartoons, and comic books. As time progressed, I would continue to be inspired by anime, manga, and CG/animated films. I would spend tireless hours doodling on homework corners & any empty space margins I could find.

Video games were introduced into my life at the age of five. It really is the single greatest medium that takes in everything I love, art, music, storytelling, role-playing, interaction. They continue to inspire me to pursue a path of artistic excellence, and become a better game developer.

Peace outside~!
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