Mickyl Jarilla

Lanao del Norte Philippines
I'm Miki Miji Mouse, mike for short, but legally I'm mickyl...My father derived my name from the former Russian President Gorbachev, if you know him, well, that's good for you since he was just the only person who extract Russia from the dump site of Calvary when they lose the cold war against the US and rose up through his glastnost and perestroika. Haha...A topic I would love to discuss..Anyways, for me, writing article is not just a rubbish thrown on a filthy river but its like a mystery deep in ourselves that we need to unravel each day in order for us to be transformed and drawn to perfection. In short, it's my passion to write article since it gives the opportunity to express and share my knowledge and views but at the same time learning a lot of things and improving myself. But at the end of the day, it's for God's glory since without His sustaining grace, I am as good as nothing...Moreover, reading and writing english stuff is like my life long girlfriend since I first went to kindergarten and during my college days, she became my wife because I've mastered doing it for the main reason that its fun and of course it's a requirement in every subject. If you want to get a good grade, then you need to be proficient and be an expert in every writing material...

Well honestly, I'm an introvert type with a more melancholic side and a little bit of choleric. Meaning, I am not that kind of person who babbles a lot about his life or character but if I need to talk then I would but I guess I'd rather write.
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