Kirsten Nimwey

Caloocan City Philippines
Hi, my name is Kirsten and I am from Manila, Philippines. I am an anime lover, I love to do character concepts and designdraw characters. I am also have a BIG dream to be a successful, professional manga artist, and a manga story writerauthor, anything related to mangaanime industry (which is what I really looking for!). I am so much fond of Japanese style animes and love to draw animes all the time, writing manga stories (right now as thick as 6 notebooks!) from my own originality. I am also knowledgeable in Information Technology and also when it comes to internet connections, hardware and software troubleshooting. Now, I am a freelance artist, but I still wanting to work more to other anime related jobs to improve more of my skills. I am graduate in college for B.S. in Information Technology.

Currently, I am writing my first manga story that I have been working on it for almost six years and I am REALLY planning and dreaming to publish it and market my story to promote it worldwide, but I since this is my first time to write manga story, I do not even know nor do have any idea on how to start the publishing. I finished the first book and now I am working for the second book. I am hoping and praying that this effort I have been made for many many years will come to a very big success.

I am also dreaming to team up to those artists that have same dreams as I do... This is what I believe, I can be a successful mangaka someday soon!

Thank you everyone and God bless! d(^_^)b

-college graduate of BSIT course
-can draw and sketch mangaanime cartoons by freehand (usually japanese style anime drawings), but now use to draw using wacom tablet.
-knowledgeable in photo and audio editing using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Audition 3.0
-knowledgeable in basic computer applications and troubleshooting.
-can troubleshootconfigure common internet problems and issues either wired and wireless
-knowledgeable in MS Office and internet
-attended the 3-day animation free animation training at AMA Computer Lagro branch Apr 2oo6
-attended 300-hr OJT at Asiatrust Development Bank Inc. Camarin Branch and Caloocan City North
-virus detectionremoval
-average english and basic japanese communication skills
-willing to train more and learn and get familiarized about more graphic applications (3d animation, manga studio, any animation programs etc.)
-wanted to work more online. I have my own internet connection.
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