Huzefa Johar

I’ve been involved in marketing and communication since 2007. And, I have worked on a variety of copywriting and instructional design projects which include web content, marketing collateral, software help, product manual, video storyboard, training module and so on.

I follow my own content creation techniques, which I have developed over many years of practice. My approach is based on intricate understanding of consumer behavior/end user tendencies, and it is optimized to ensure complete fulfillment of client’s objectives.

With respect to instructional design, I adopt a simple and straight forward strategy of ensuring proper transition and sequencing of ideas. This approach is extremely effective, because it always helps in delivering simple and understandable instructional content.

Creating promotional content requires a different approach altogether, because here the goal is to make the content both noticeable and hypnotic at the same time. My recipe for a perfect promotional piece involves creating a pitch that is centered around what people really want, and then using catch phrases to highlight the key points of the pitch.

Since design is an essential element of content, I try to ensure parity between text and design by setting the design specifications at the time of content conceptualization, or by creating text in accordance to the pre-existing design theme. I am good at coordinating with designers/developers, and I have successfully delivered impactful content to numerous clients.

I create all forms promotional and instructional content including: press releases, articles, web pages, product descriptions, landing pages, case studies, white papers, brochures, tag lines, tutorials, product manuals, software help, API documentation and video storyboards. Clients are generally appreciative about my work, because I deliver content that impacts the audience in the right way.
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