Glori Surban

Negros Oriental Philippines
Glori Surban, the twenty-something nurse turned copyeditor and freelance writer who spends her day editing, reading, writing, blogging about the introvert life, and writing some more.

What You'll Get

Your articles, blog posts, and even short stories will outshine the competition! You, the client, will be assured of:
well-researched and unique content
impeccable English grammar
perfect spelling
correct punctuation
timely delivery

What I'm Best At

Although I consider healthy living, nursing, self-improvement, skin and hair care, network marketing, and psychology my areas of expertise, I always welcome new topics to research and write about.

Why You Should Hire Me

I know that you need valuable & quality articles and blog posts to attract traffic and therefore grow your business. And with the Panda update, we both know its not all about mindlessly stuffing your content with keywords, its about providing the information that your potential leads are looking for yet still satisfying the the SEO-hungry Google.

In other words, I know and love the "art and science" of article and blog post writing and will make sure you get your money's worth.
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