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I believe that you want to work with someone who, from the first moment of the working relationship, is focused on you and what you want. I believe that you want an inspiring and creative partner, one who you trust to help make your dream come true. I believe you want to know that your creative partner is reliable, honest, capable, innovative — whose attention and commitment is on you and your fulfilment. I believe that you want someone who is there for you, who provides a quality one-to-one engagement, who is responsive and timely. I believe that you want to enjoy the experience of working with them, that you want the journey and the destination to be equally rewarding and wonderful.

Because I believe these things, I offer them to you as my service.

I will work with you beginning where you are at with respect to what you think you want, but we’ll explore that initial idea together, we’ll work to clarify expand, and discover an even deeper and truer ‘vision,’ one that really makes you breathless with excitement and anticipation, one that makes you exclaim, ‘Yes, that’s it!’
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Winner - Imaginative Logo Design for Victor Joseph & Son, Inc.

5 stars
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Winner - Unique Logo Design Wanted for West of Broadway

4 stars
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